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We are Christian believers who, for generations, have shared a love for God’s Word and a drive to know Him. Our passion is to be His family and a community that lives by faith, keeping the Lord at the center of everything we do.

We welcome you to come and participate in our services.

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A Time of Repentance and Reconciliation

During this time of preparation for the upcoming feasts, we should make every effort to repent and return to God. Repentance goes beyond confessing our sins in private prayer; it means turning to God, and to others, in a way… (more)

Feast of Tabernacles Preparation and Schedule – 2016

We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Feast Season! The Lord has appointed this time as an annual meeting with Him. There is a blessing upon this time as He has promised to dwell among His people. We have many services… (more)