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Pentecost: The End of Babel
By Matt Walkoe   May 28th, 2017

There is so much significance to what God had done among the disciples prior to Pentecost. He had brought them into a oneness of spirit. The greatest anointing that rested on that Pentecost was their miraculous ability to communicate. We should contend for a greater fulfillment of that first Pentecost to happen for us, not just individually but collectively.

When the Holy Spirit fell and the disciples began to speak, those foreign Jews did not hear babbling; they heard a very clear message in their own language speaking of the mighty deeds of God. Even though the words may have been unknown to the speakers, all of those gathered plainly heard what the Spirit was speaking. Peter stood up with the eleven apostles and spoke with boldness and clarity, and three thousand were saved that day.

Pentecost was God’s answer to the confusion of languages and the division that occurred at the Tower of Babel. Look at what is happening in the world right now. Many of the current wars are between people of the same language. Even if people speak the same language, there is still an inability to communicate and understand one another. The world lives in a day of separation and divorce, conditioned to the spirit of Babel that rests upon them like a blanket.

At that first Pentecost, man’s ability to communicate was restored. Look at the acts of the early church after Pentecost. Nothing was impossible for them. The Holy Spirit was given for communication between people through His Spirit. This is something that has already happened; the spirit of Babel is broken; nothing should be impossible to the Body of Christ! Let’s contend for a breakthrough of the Holy Spirit during this Pentecost to relate and communicate with one another, and to create a oneness with the greater Body of Christ.

Scriptures: Acts 2:1-7; (Genesis 11:6); (Mark 9:23); (Deuteronomy 32:30); (Matt. 18:19).

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