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Experience God’s Love
By Becky Seboldt   February 4th, 2018

This new level of worship we are seeking requires a deeper relationship with the Lord. He is beaming His powerful, creative love at us every second of every day but we have yet to see that power affect our lives as it should. To deepen any relationship requires that you give it attention. God wants to be our first thought in the morning and our last thought at night. He wants us to spend time with Him, and pay attention to Him in everything we do. One simple key to diving into this new relationship with Him is to start by expressing thankfulness; start thanking Him for everything He has given you and immediately you will feel your heart and spirit becoming more open and aware of Him.

Reading about Jesus’ crucifixion puts you on your face before the Lord, realizing the deep love the Father and the Son have for you. We recognize Christ’s sacrifice, but picture it from the Father’s side, watching what His Son went through and enduring that torture for our sake. Once all humanity’s sins were laid on Jesus, He died because the Father had to turn away from Him. Before this, Jesus felt the love of the Father all the time. It compelled Him every day, it drove Him and sustained Him but when it was removed, He quickly died of a broken heart. Now picture the Father coming down for Him. Jesus looks and sees the Father coming, he feels His love and drive: “No more are you separated from Me.” It was such a force! This power that pulled Christ out of hell is the same power that is being beamed at us every second of every day. Then why don’t we feel it? This power will be to us what it’s meant to be when we return to Him in our hearts, confess how much we need Him, and experience His true love for us.

His love changes everything. It’s not human love; it’s the Father’s love being infused into our being; delivering us, resurrecting us, breaking bondages, and bringing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healings. God sees everything that we are hung up on; there’s nothing He doesn’t know, and He’s saying, “Let My love in so I can heal you.” Trust your relationship with Him, and confess those things that are separating you from feeling His love. Don’t be defensive when He puts His finger on something. We have nothing to be defensive about and everything to be humble about. Invite Him into your life, into your every decision. He will blow you away with His provision and power.

Our hunger for the Lord will take over when we have a taste of His love. It’s not passive; receiving His love is intense and passionate. We will have to take down our walls to the Lord and to each other. We are going to be vulnerable. We need to be careful with one another, kind, gentle, and tender. Honestly forgive one another. We must learn how to be an atmosphere for each other to experience this step.

We are a dedicated people who do many things for the Lord, but without this, we could get to the end of our mighty works only to hear, “But I never knew you; you never let Me in.” We commit today to give Him our attention, to take down our walls, receive His powerful love, and let it take us to new depths in our relationship with the Father. It’s time to let God’s powerful love in, and reflect it back to Him. If we can take this step, we will find the new level of worship the Father is seeking.

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