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The Victory of Purim
By Becky Seboldt   February 28th, 2018

The celebration of Purim begins tonight at sundown. This special time commemorates the book of Esther, in which God saved his people from annihilation in a dramatic way. This feast is traditionally celebrated with costumes and noisemakers. It is meant to be a fun and joyful time because in it we recognize that God is eternally faithful to move on behalf of those who worship Him. I am praying that as we celebrate Purim over the next several days, we each find a new experience of feeling God’s powerful love and care for us.

The story of Purim begins with Esther and how the Lord prepared her in two six-month periods for “such a time as this” (Esther 2:12; 4:14). The first six months of Esther’s preparation—the months of myrrh—have a spiritual significance for us. They symbolize God’s dealings to purify us, His bride-to-be. For Esther, could it be that God was working in her heart so that she would be open to receive the love of the king? Esther had to first receive the king’s love for her before she could move in the authority and anointing to end the threat of destruction against her people. She had to be willing to go into his throne room and receive from him. The second six-month period of spices and cosmetics symbolizes a time when God beautifies and imparts to His bride.

Let’s make our Purim this year be a celebration that we will forever remember! Let’s mark it as a time when we remove any walls within our hearts that separate us from the power of God’s love. It is time to receive the overwhelming impartation and force of His love, and that experience is available in this Feast of Purim, the Feast of Deliverance. Whether it’s an inability, a refusal, or a reluctance to receive from Him, we let it go. The love that is stronger than death will have free course to create us, the sons of God, into His will for our lives.

The Feast of Purim is also a celebration of Marilyn Hargrave, our spiritual mother, and how she walked with the Lord in a ministry of continual intercession. Esther’s intercession on behalf of her people would only work in the throne room of the king. She had to be in the king’s presence for the lie of Haman to be broken. Marilyn knew this same principle. She lived in the presence of the Lord and she required that we have a hunger and a drive to stand before our King.

As we step into the magic of Purim tonight, we honor Marilyn by seeking to be in the presence of the King in a new way—without any walls to receive His love. We celebrate our salvation from the decree of death that is set against each of us individually and as a family of God. It is a celebration born out of the victory of Purim!

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