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At Church of the Living Word we come together for services on Sunday mornings, and on Wednesday and Saturday nights, in the intimate atmosphere of our 400 seat sanctuary. All of our services are times of seeking the Lord together and continually reaching for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Service

Sunday morning services are typically focused on congregational worship, singing in the Spirit, and the ministry of a living Word from the Scriptures.

Wednesday & Saturday Services

Our Wednesday and Saturday nights are more intimate gatherings focused on worship, prophecy, and teaching. In these settings, there is an atmosphere for all members to actively participate as the Holy Spirit leads. Saturday nights are more of a workshop where our young people are given the opportunity to lead and find their expression in the Lord.


We are whole-hearted worshipers. When we worship the Lord, we give Him everything within our hearts! Our expression of worship may come from a hymnal; it may be singing in the Spirit; or it may be spontaneous psalms sung by individuals of the congregation as the Spirit inspires them.


We believe in the scriptural principle of tithing (Malachi 3:8) and give our tithes and offerings as a part of our worship to the Lord. Each service has a unique and important offering focus. Our giving is done in faith that God will use both our gifts and our lives to further the creation of His Kingdom in the earth.

Children in Our Services

Children are encouraged to participate in our services, either standing in the front of the sanctuary with the other children in the Joshua Generation program, or with their families. Our nursery is provided for children up to the age of 3, with both sound and video available.

Come Visit Us

We welcome all, that we may strengthen and encourage our faith together in the Lord. Elders and other ministries are always available after the service for prayer requests or to answer any questions you might have. We hope to see you soon!

Hard of Hearing

We have head phones available for those who are hard of hearing. Ask an usher if you require assistance.

Our Weekly Schedule