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The Joshua Generation is our children’s program for kids under 12. The name stems from Joshua, Moses’ servant, who learned the ways of the Lord as a youth. Every Sunday and most Saturdays we gather for Bible lessons, activities, and lots of fun!

Sunday Bible lessons start at 8:45 a.m. The lessons teach biblical principles and provide a strong foundation in the Scriptures—invaluable groundwork for each child’s walk with God. Dedicated teachers teach curriculum from the Scriptures and current messages spoken in the services, breaking them down for each child to understand and walk in. The kids then join the main church service, worshiping and participating as vital congregants. The nursery is provided for children under 3, where an audio/video feed allows the parents and children to experience the service.

Saturdays are filled with anything from pancake breakfasts to department work around the church. Bike rides in the park or water fights are not out of the question, either! Once a month we join forces with The Living Word, our publishing ministry, by making lunch and helping with the production of CDs that are sent out to people all over the world.

Our children are our heritage; it is our joy and responsibility to bring each one into a personal walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Joshua Generation, every child gets the opportunity to experience salvation, water baptism, and baptism in the Holy Spirit, as well as learning to worship the Lord and to know the Bible. And don’t forget, it’s lots of fun!